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Celebrating 30 years of teaching at the Denver school.

Shao-Lin Training & Compassion,

The practice of Shao-Lin Kung Fu dates back over 1500 years to the first Shao-Lin Temple built during the Northern Wei Dynasty in China. The monks practiced to have health, fitness, compassion and longevity. The term kung fu actually means "mastery through time and effort".

The concepts handed down through the various Shao-Lin Temples go back to ancient India and the teachings of the Jains. Their philosophy of doing no harm to any living being became a foundation in the training and conditioning that would later become a standard in the Shao-Lin Temples.

The Jains were also the first to have hospitals for animals and even insects. This compassion for animals is still found in the temples today. Some of the best vegan meals in China are to be found at the Shao-Lin Temples!

This history of compassion is a cornerstone in the training for health and longevity at the Chinese Shao-Lin Centers in Denver and Boulder, Colorado.

Vegan owners/instructors, Sharon, David and Ashley Soard share a farm with prairie dogs and other plains animals in Eastern Colorado.