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Stephen Benge

Ni Hao!

I have been a student at The Chinese Shao-lin Center since 1999. I started in the Colorado Springs school location five days after moving to Colorado!

I studied kungfu else where back east since 1991, so I was familiar with kungfu ... or so I thought I was.

Ever since that day, I as hooked! The amazing thing about this school and the instructors at Shao-Lin is the drive, passion, desire, care and concern that they have for each person. That care and concern goes beyond just the uniform, belts and stripes! Throughout my time training and learning with my Masters, they have been in my corner during the stormiest times in my life -- just like the legends of the ancient masters of kungfu over 1500 years ago. A true master is a true friend, and a true friend is a true master.

At Chinese Shao-Lin Center, you ARE somebody!

This environment promotes learning on all levels - physical, mental and emotional. I was amazed at what I learned to do. I am still amazed at what I can still do and continue to learn to do in this amazing art!

40 years old -- and still learning and having fun doing it in a great art, system and school with wonderful classmates and great Masters.
Zai Jian!

Stephen Benge
Shao-Lin since 1999