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The World is a crazy place right now. But perhaps it has always been so. If I take a wide long look at history, oppression, 'isms of every kind and abuse have... always been with us. Perhaps that is why I am so grateful today, that I went to CSC Kung Fu last night. When I get to class and get out on the floor with my buddies, everything stops. My mind gets a break from the madness and my body gets worked and trained.

Last night's meditation/putting out the candle class with Master Sharon Soard was phenomenal. Yes, I went to bed with that familiar Shao-lin pain, but its worth it. I hope everyone can find a place, where they can turn off the madness for a while.

"Friends that train together, stay together! One meets the best people at CSC Shao-lin. . Shao-lin Kung Fu enriches my life, body, mind and spirit!.

"I began studying Shao-lin Kung Fu in December 2009 and earned my first degree Black Belt in August 2012."

Najah - 2nd Degree Black Belt 2016