Now that the “HEAT” of Summer has ARRIVED, come to Shao-Lin classes in our Air-conditioned and Filtered training environment for ALL of your training& fitness!

This month, the Brown Belts are beginning the Famous “Kwan Kung Tao” – China’s MOST famous general from the Three Kingdoms Period! Purchase your Kwan Tao while supplies Last!!!

The Black Belts are beginning their most intimidating weapon of the Summer (for their opponents!) The Twin Tiger Hook Swords – supplies available at this time.

And our Senior Black Belts begin learning their 9 Section Steel Whip form every Saturday @ 9am! .

As usual, our Wooden Man - Iron Monk/Iron Bone training continues into it's 5th year this Summer!

We’ll be “Introducing” for the 1st Time, Section XI, which utilizes weapon training!

And the invigorating & serene Dragon Meditation continues with Part IX!

Also be sure to practice your Single Nunchaku Festival, as the more exciting and dynamic Double Chucks Festival in on Thursday, July 19th @ 6PM! .

Looking forward to a challenging and exciting Summer of Kung Fu at our Shao-Lin Centers.

See you soon!

Zai jian


Brown Belts:
Kwan Kung Tao

General Kwan's Long Knife

Tien Ta Suang Hu Tou Gou
Double Tiger Hook Swords Shake the Heavens

Chou Chie San Pien

9 Sectional Whip Form
Saturday, July 7th (9AM - 10AM) for 4 weeks
Brown Belts & Black Belts

Suang Er Chie Kuen

(Exciting Double Nunchaku Form w/Hand & Foot Strikes &
Ground Techniques)

Thursday, July 19th, 6pm - 8pm
OPEN to: All Students

Salt Lake City Eldermaster Visit

Yang Tai Chi Tao
Yang Family Tai Chi Broadsword

PreTest/Test: Saturday July 28th, 8am-11am
Festival: Saturday July 28th, 11am-4pm
OPEN to: All Students