Brown Belts: Luo Tien/Chan Ie (Descends from Heaven/Spreading of the Wings)

Black Belts: Shantung Hei Hu Tao Hsin (Shantung Black Tiger Yanks Out the Heart)

Barcelona Spain Elder Master Visit

Famous/Original 5 Animal Form – 128 Posture Set
Saturday, Sept. 1st - Test/PreTest (9AM - 12noon)
Saturday, Sept. 1st - Festival: (12noon- 5PM)
(Open to all CSC students!)

I Chin Ching

Muscle Tendon Change Classic
Ta Mo's 49 Chi Kung Internal Strength and Flexibility
Thursday, Sept. 6th (7PM - 8PM) @ CSC Denver
OPEN To: White Belts & Above (for 4 weeks!)

Ching Loong Tao

(Famous WuDang Green Dragon Broadsword)
Starting Saturday, Sept. 8th (9AM – 10AM) @ CSC-Denver
Brown Belts & Above (for 4 weeks!)