Brown Belts:
Hai Loong Chang - Sea Dragon Cane

Black Belts: Yang Chia Chiang
Classical Yang Family Spear

Hsingi Liu He Kuen - Internal Staff Form

Six Harmonies Staff
Starting Saturday, May 5th (9AM - 10AM)
OPEN To: White Belts & Above (for 4 weeks)

2018 Vegan Dairy Fair

Saturday, May 5th - Noon – 4:00 PM

Where: Millennium Harvest House Hotel
1345 28th St.
Boulder, Co 80302
Admission is FREE

San Chie Kuen - 3 Sectional Staff Spins

Classical Kung Fu Flexible Weaspon
Skills and Conditioning Saturday, May 12th (10AM - Noon)
OPEN To: White Belts & Above

Raleigh, NC Elder Master Annual Visit

Shao-lin Ground Monkey - Ti Hou Ch'uan
Saturday, May 19th
Test/PreTest (11AM-1PM)
Festival (2PM - 6PM)
OPEN to: White Belts & Above
Location: Raleigh, NC

Click here for festival flyer

4 Month Schedule

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