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Shao-Lin Kung Fu & Tai Chi
Denver/Boulder Metro Areas:
(303) 455-4088
7174 Washington St.
Denver, CO 80229

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Brown Belts:
Ching Kang Fu Hu Chien
(Golden Mountain Tiger Form)

Black Belts:
Yang Chia Tai Chi Ch’uan
(Classical Yang Family Tai Chi Ch’uan – Part I)

Se Lu Hua Chien - Book IV 

4th Road of Hua Mountain Fist
Saturday, April 1st, 9am-10am
for 4 weeks
Brown Belts & Above

Albuquerque Elder Master Visit 

Black Crane Defends the Nest
Saturday, April 8th
Test/PreTest 8am - 12pm
Festival 12pm - 5pm OPEN to: All Students!

TaMo's 1st Road of the TaMo Canes  

Crutches of War
Tuesday 4/18/17 - 7PM
Open to: All Levels